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2020-02-22 09:20 This book is primarily an English translation of the original 1889 publication in Marathi by Pandita Ramabai Saraswati, Pandita Ramabais American Encounter. Bloomington, Ind. : Indiana University Press. ) She identifies herself as a Hindu by her choice of language, often using names of Hindu gods and goddesses to describe several

Pandita Ramabai Sarasvati (23 April 1858 5 April 1922) was an Indian social reformer, a pioneer in the education and emancipation of women in India. she also translated the Bible into her mother tongueMarathifrom the original Hebrew and Greek. pandita ramabai information in marathi language

Ramabai Ranade (25 January 1863 1924) was an Indian social worker and one of the first women's rights activists in the 19th century. She was born in Kurlekar family in 1863. Starting with her native language Marathi, Ramabai strove hard to master English and Bengali.

Translated by Pandita Ramabai, a woman who learned Hebrew and Greek in order to translate the Bible into simple Marathi for rural folk who found the classical style of other translations too difficult Book of a Thousand Tongues (2d ed. ) p. 282. # Marathi language pandita ramabai information in marathi language

ramabai, pandita. Ramabai (1858 1922) was an extraordinary woman of her time an educator, scholar, feminist, and social reformer, whose life was an example of how womanhood and religious identity were negotiated against the backdrop of Brahmanical culture, Christianity, and colonialism. Dec 03, 2010 Pandita Ramabai Sarasvati was born Ramabai Dongre on 23 April 1858 in a Chitpawan Brahmin Family. She was the daughter of the Sanskrit scholar Anant Shastri Dongre, and his second wife Lakshmibai Dongre. PANDITA RAMABAI. PANDITA RAMABAI ( ), social activist, proponent of women's rights in India. Pandita Ramabai was born in Mangalore District in 1858. Her father was a Chitpavan Brahman scholar, who taught her Sanskrit and refused to arrange her marriage. pandita ramabai information in marathi language Ramabai Ambedkar Information in Marathi Language Nibandh, Biography Ramabai Ambedkar Biography in Marathi Essay: . Pandita Ramabai faced considerable opposition from many Indian reformers and the press for they perceived that she was influencing her students to Christianity. In 1904 she started translating the Bible in Marathi and by 1913 the New Testament was published and by 1924 the complete Bible was published. Pandita Ramabai (23 April 1858, Karnataka 5 April 1922) was an Indian Christian who tried to change many things in India. A poet and scholar, she tried hard to Web Title: pandita ramabai saraswati contribution in marathi language development?

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