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2020-02-26 04:02 Nov 14, 2014  After watching this video, I want you to listen carefully to this student presenting her IB Individual Oral. Descriptions stimulate your language functions and your refinement in the word choice you make For example, the adjective bad is extremely general That is, if you want to refer to your frustrated picnic trip

Language B HL Individual Oral IB Diploma Language B guide for first examination in 2013 Criterion 0 12 34 56 78 910 Criterion A: Productive skills How successfully does the student use the language in speech? authentic. How fluent and clear is the ib language b individual oral

11th Grade Language B. Search this site. Class Activities. Home. Miss Lydias Classwork. Miss Lydias Assignments. IB Individual Oral Common Mistakes posted Nov 20, Remember that in the official Individual Oral we cannot interrupt to remind you of things you might have forgotten.

The Individual Oral. The Individual Oral procedure (introduced by the Language B Subject Guide from 2013 onwards) is that students are no longer required to prepare an (unsupervised) presentation about a topic, but are given a photograph related to one of the Options and required to prepare a presentation under supervision. ib language b individual oral

The range of purposes and situations for using language in the language B courses extends well beyond those for language ab initio. The course is organized into themes. Three core themes are required: communication and media, global issues, and social relationships. Mar 15, 2016 Hey guys! I just made this video to talk about the oral for language B. I was really nervous about it because it counts for 20 of your IB grade but it's really easy to do well on. I'm in Spanish Language B English Individual Oral Photographs Ideas Captions The premise of this site is for fellow teachers of Language B DP English to accumulate and share photos that can be used for the oral component of the course. ib language b individual oral How to ace the German IB interactive oral exam. Maggie Owl Tutor. November 1st, 2016 The oral component splits itself into an interactive oral activity which counts 10 of the 30 and an individual oral which counts for 20 of the overall Learning plenty of information in a foreign language and being able to answer quickly can seem like The individual oral commentary (IOC) is a test on Part 4, a critical study of literature. By the time students take this oral exam SL students will have studied two works from the PLA, and HL students will have studied three works from the PLA. In class much preparation can INDIVIDUAL ORAL CRITERIA HIGHER 20 0 12 34 56 78 910 Command of spoken Command of spoken Command of spoken Command of spoken Command of spoken language is limited: language is fairly good language is good language is very good language is excellentPRODUCTIVE SKILL Hesitant Comprehensible and Mostly fluent Fluent Fluent and authentic Language often fluent at times Language generally Language correct, Language varied and incorrectlimited Language In all cases, the student should aim to explore significant aspects of the extract, showing knowledge and understanding of the extract and its use and effects of literary features. A recording of the individual oral commentary is sent to the IB for external moderation. The maximum mark for the commentary is 30. Choice of Extract

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