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2020-02-22 09:44 Prepare your posterdisplay and present at the CSEF on February 16th for 2019 (the 3rd Saturday of February) at the Madison Central Library, 201 W. Mifflin St. Contact information for CSEF. Dr. Sundaram Gunasekaran Capital Science& Engineering Fair 460 Henry Mall Madison, WI

The California Science& Engineering Fair is the final science fair of the academic year for students throughout the State of California in grades 6 12, serving California's future scientists and engineers since 1952. California Science& Engineering Fair 2, 834, 546 [email protected] edu csef science fair

EACH Alameda County school with students interested in participating in a county science fair leading to participation in state, national or international science fairs this year MUST first hold their own science fair or other selection process. This includes BOTH high school (grade 9

Through science fair participation, students are encouraged to pursue independent work using proper research methods. 120 schools and regional fairs send students to the CSEF. These students compete for the 600 available spaces at the state fair. csef science fair

Application Fee Increased. The CSEF Application Fee is now 45. This is the first change in the California Science& Engineering Fairs Application Fee since 2004 when it was set to 30. Hello Science Fair Friends, Sponsors, and Alumni, The eight top high school winners of the 2018 Connecticut Science& Engineering Fair head to Pittsburgh, Sunday, May 13, Bob Wisner, CSEF Fair Board Chair, United Technologies Research Center and Otis Elevator (retired) Colorado Science& Engineering Fair. April 11 13, 2019 at Colorado State University Fort Collins 2019 CSEF Tentative Schedule csef science fair California Science& Engineering Fair 2018 Directions Students, Judges, and Volunteers. The 2018 California Science& Engineering Fair will be held in the California Science Center, with project display areas and judge meeting areas spanning two buildings. California Science& Engineering Fair Application Forms 2018 Application Packet. Most students will submit the CSEF SafetyCertification form found in the Application Packet above. This is a simple form requiring signatures only by you and your project advisor. However, The Capital Science& Engineering Fair was established to provide high school students from South Central Wisconsin the opportunity to showcase their research (grades 912 public, private, and home school are eligible). Headed to the fair? Make sure you are ready when you arrive! Click Here

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